SaiGon Heat vs Bangkok Cobras

On May 2nd, 2012, there was a basketball match between 2 teams, SaiGon Heat and Bangkok Cobra. It was a exciting match. The Saigon Heat won the match. The score was SG Heat 77 – 69 Cobras. Nice game, SaiGon Heat. Nice try, Bangkok Conbras. During the game, people on the court shoot some T-shirt up. I and my friends were crazy about it. We were running around try to catch the T-shirt. We had 3 opportunities but we failed hard. @@ But still we had a fun time

Learn Outside School

Wazzup, guys. Today, I will share to you something that I learn outside schoolsssss. At home, my mom tell me that if you eat fruit that sour and drink milk together, you will poo liquid poo in the toilet right away. That is the truth. That happen to me a lot. I don’t know why, maybe sour stuffs can’t be together with milk, I think. For example, orange with milk, pineapple with milk, etc. If you eat at night about above 9pm, you will get fat easily.

3 Amazing Websites For U!!!!

For those of you like drawing, this is a greate website for you. This is website is about another technique of art. You will make your own SAND PICTUREEEEEE!!!!! Here is the link: Sand Picture. You can make tons of tons of sand picture for FREEE!!! There is instructions in the GREY LITTLE BOX!!!! You can take the picture of the sand picture just buy press the “Print Screen” button. Then, paste it on “Paint”.  This is one of my sand picture that I made.


For those of you like music, this is an amazing website for you. This website is about playing drum. For those of you know how to play drum but you don’t have a drum at home, you can go to this website to have fun with playing drum. Here is the link: Drum. You can click on the “Key Hint” for shortcut keys for you to type and play.


For those of you like animation, this is a great link for you. In this link, you can create a lot of cool animation scene. You have to create an account to use it. Then, create a scene. Then, put some characters and their lines. You can also share your scene to your friends, too. Here is the link: GoAnimate.

How to add an image on Edublogs?

There are 4 small images next to the word “Upload/Insert” when you click on “Post” and then “Add New”. The first images is for “Insert Image”. Firstly, click on it and click browse. Secondly, choose an image that you want to insert and upload it. After that, you can choose the size of the image and choose a location to put the image on. Then click “Insert in to post”.

The Spring Break

My Spring Break was normal. At the first week of Spring Break, I went to a basketball court in Vietnam with my friends to watch Saigon Heat vs Indonesia Warriors. It was pretty fun and exciting. We watched Saigon HOT GIRLS dance and they were so sexy. The best part of the game was the last 30 seconds. At the last 30 seconds, the Saigon Heat was losing, 6 points away from the Indonesia Warriors. There was a miracle. Suddenly, the Saigon Heat made 8 more points and won the match. We were shouting in happiness.

On Thursday of the 1st week of the Spring Break, I went to Duy house to play. His house is small but it was fun. We went outside of the house because we wanted to play PS3 at a shop. We were playing PES 2012. Duy usually win because I’m bad at soccer game. Duy introduced me a drink call Condense Milk with Strawberry Sting. It was so sweet but it was pretty good.

On the 2nd week of the Spring Break. I invited my friends to my house. I invited 4 friends but only 2 of them came. We were having fun. We played card games. I usually won the game. For the rest of the Spring Break, I just stayed home, played game, watched TV.


World Water Day

World water day is a day that everybody became thirsty and hungry. This day is on March 22. This day reminds everybody to know the important of fresh water. The United Nations General Assembly set 22 March 1993 as the first World Water Day. This reminded me of the religious believe of Muslim. It is call Fasting. Everybody can’t eat anything when the sun rise. In this day, everybody is the same. Everybody is hungry include the rich people and the poor people.

Kế Hoạch Cho Kì Nghỉ Mùa Xuân

Kì nghỉ mùa xuân đang đến, tôi có vài kế hoạch cho mình trước kì nghỉ. Tháng 4 ngày 4, tôi và mấy bạn tôi sẽ đi xem một trận bóng rổ ở Việt Nam. Trận đấu giữa hai đội tên là Sài Gòn Heat và Indonesia Warrior. Tôi chưa bao giờ đi xem một trận thể thao nào hết cho nên nhân cơ hội này, tôi đi xem cho vui. Sau đó, tôi có sẽ ở nhà, làm bài tập về nhà và chơi game. Có thể tôi sẽ đi chơi với gia đình tôi đi nơi đâu xa. Có thể tôi đi qua nhà anh họ tôi để chơi hay là qua nhà bạn tôi chơi. Ở nhà thì chấn lắm. Đó là kế hoạch của tôi. Không nhiều thứ để làm lắm đúng không?

The Spring Break is coming. I have a plan for the break. In April 4, I and my friends will watch a basketball match live in VietNam. The match is between SaiGon Heat and Indonesia Warrior. I haven’t seen a sport match before. In this opportunity, I want to watch it for fun. After that, I will stay home, do homework and play games. Maybe I will travel with my family somewhere far in Vietnam. Maybe I will go to my cousins houses to play or go to my friends houses. Staying home is bored. That is my plan. There is nothing to do much, right?


Festival in VietNam

Every country have a lot of festivals and holiday. Those festivals represent the culture of that country. In VietNam, there are a lot of cool festivals and holidays such as the Moon festival, Tet holiday, etc. I am gonna tell you about the Moon festival and Tet holiday.

The Moon festival is a traditional of the Chinese culture, celebrating the Lunar New Year. When they celebrate the festival, they eat moon cake. Moon cake represent the full moon of the Lunar New Year. The moon cake is very delicious. It have a lot of flavor  such as fish, green bean, meat, tea, etc.

Tet holiday is a holiday when everybody celebrate Vietnamese New Year. People eat Banh Chung and Banh Day. Banh Chung represent the sky and Banh Day represent the earth. Adult give lucky money for the children to give luck to them. People usually travel back to there countryside to celebrate with theirs grandparents. In Tet, my favorite part is lucky money. I usually get about 3 million VND ($150) each year.